They knew exactly what they were doing with this scene, and for that, it’s one of the best scenes in the show tbh

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Green curry #4 ^-^ #foodporn #curry #greencurry #thai #rice

Green curry #4 ^-^ #foodporn #curry #greencurry #thai #rice

So in one of the gay groups that I’m in on Facebook, there’s a black gay guy that posted his annoyance for Sam Smith because he’s not all glitz and glitter and makeup, like Adam Lambert, solely because he’s a gay music artist. He thinks Sam Smith’s image is condescending because “…it’s almost as if he’s trying to downplay the fact that he’s gay.” He goes on to say, “Why come out then if you’re basically just going to play the ‘I’m gay but not that gay’ card?”

After a brief response from me, he replied with, verbatim, “In my opinion, unless you’re gonna play the part then there’s no point being open about it.”

Um… this shit needs to stop.

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Before jerking off : i would literally suck 6 dicks rn
After jerking off : men are gross

Like honestly if you watched my snapchat stories you’d laugh because I’m funny as hell and random as fuck.

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